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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I continuosly have these chocolate cravings, but now I decided to try a healthier version of it - hot chocolate made from real cacao.

Bought a package of Colombian Black 100% Los Llanos cacao by Willie's Cacao at Culinaris. The package includes 2 discs of cacao. Los Llanos's beautiful Trinitario bean, with its soft notes of cherries & plums, is born high in the jungle on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. 

First I grated by sharp knife - it's very hard - a bite of cacao, measured a cupful of soya milk to a saucepan and added the cacao into it. Stirred the mixture until cacao had melted.

Whipped some cream - it's a bit funny, I cannot eat/drink milk products nor yogurt, but a small amount of whipped cream is not a problem - and poured it on the top of the drink. Sprinkled a hint of cinnamon on top as well. 

Another funny thing is that as much as I love everything sweet, I don't like sweet drinks. I never add sugar nor honey into my tea for example. So this hot chocolate doesn't have any sugar not even a sweet taste, and I still love it!   

After opening the package I store the cacao discs in a small plastic back in my fridge.

You can find more information on Willie's Cacao here.

You can also find more info on Budapest based Culinaris here.


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