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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I mentioned earlier in January about a home-staging project. Here are the results of that job.
The home is located by the sea in Aurinkolahti, Vuosaari, in Helsinki. It's 80m2, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, wc, bathroom, sauna, walk-in-closet, balcony.

Before staging it, the apartment was almost empty - there were a bed & dining table with 6 chairs.   Everything else was brought there to make it cosy and more attractive.

Let's go first to the living room!
A part of the wall -sort of a column - where TV was installed was painted in dark grey.

Let's continue to the kitchen. The dining table was there already. Tried a table cloth on the it, but that didn't work at all.

Back to the living room and let's step from there into the bedroom.

Mixed some dark grey paint with white and painted the back wall in medium grey. The shelf and lamp under it were there already.

There's another bedroom, too. It could be a study/guest room.

 A huge plus - a big walk-in-closet with a window!

 And of course, there's a sauna!

And a palce to chill out.

This is how it looked in the beginning.

 This is after emptying it almost totally.

Let's hope someone will like it a lot and make it his/her home at any time soon!

You can find it here  & here .


  1. Ihana asunto! Ja hyvin stailattu, ei liian moderni. Lämpimät värit. Kaunis asunto, todella ja se sauna......voi jos tänne myös saisi....

    1. Voi kiitos, Sofia! Toivotaan, että menee pian kaupaksi.


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