Red Sofa

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

 Before I continue with the Balaton lake houses I'll show you a living room where my help was asked... Received these pics and the help was needed to choose a wall color for this living room. I have a feeling that a bit more than just a paint is needed... The 2 sofas, coffee table and bookshelf will not an easy task to make the space look warm and inviting...Made a mood board to help creating something out of this. 

Any ideas?


  1. Quite a challenge... The space is so cluttered that it's probably best to stick with a neutral color. Some warm earth tone, maybe. And make a more cohesive display of the paintings by grouping them together. Maybe you can extend the window by lengthening the curtain rod and covering more of the wall with the curtains with some nice fabric, maybe linen, that coordinates with the wall color. And, remove those sad looking plants!

    1. :) those were the exact recommendations that I told them! Just painting the walls wouldn't make the space more inviting - that's the fact!


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