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Monday, May 5, 2014

 I like to start the morning with a healthy breakfast with fresh berries & fruit which I mix with...
 ...a tablespoonful of chia seeds & soya milk.. 
 ...and I add some thin slices of ginger to it too, especially with apples. 

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 and a great way to increase daily fiber. The taste is mild and it can be mixed with almost anything without grinding it.

 For a snack I take a couple of bite-sized cacao-goji-chia-maca superfood snacks. They are high in fiber & vitamin C. They are pretty heavy and very addictive.

 For lunch I prefer salads. Garden mixes are my favorites at the moment - I love the color of flowers and their mild taste.
 Kale is also one of my favorites. I used to eat so much spinach that it was time to find something new to replace it for a while. Avocado, tomato & mozzarella makes salad a perfect lunch.

 To continue the healthy way of eating I have some bundles for the afternoon snack. They are made of walnut, banana, almond butter, maca, mesquite, date, vanilla, cinnamon and pink salt. In the package there're only 6 pieces and they are quite costly so these bundles are not for my every day diet

Do I eat this healthy day after day? I wish I would, but everyone who knows me knows that I can't say no to chocolate. But that's not the only thing...
 ...I'm almost addicted to Diet Coke. I like soft licorice a lot... 
 (There's also a blueberry one!)
 ...even though my stomach does't like it, I like to eat some (meaning the whole pint in one go!) ice-cream every now and then.
Chunky Monkey is my big time favorite.

No-one is perfect.


  1. Hi, Can I ask where can I find, or ask a brand name for your afternoon snack? It looks so delicious!!! :)
    Thank you!

    1. Claudia, those snack bundles are made by Moon Juice - very organic and natural.

  2. Now, I got really hungry! I love every meal, and it's actually close to many of my favorite ingredients. I too eat a lot of salad. ;)
    I'm interested in knowing if you have a recipe of the cacao-goji-chia-maca superfood snacks? Two of my children are so into eating healthy, however it's always time to treat one selves with snack. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Anette Willemine

    1. Thank you, Anette! those superfood snacks are by Navitas Naturals - I didn't make them myself...sorry!


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