Finnish Food

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

 So I'm in Helsinki already. Had xmassy dinner at Havis. The atmosphere and the whole interior is cosy with an elegant touch. The starters were from buffet, which was full of typical Finnish Christmas  dishes like white fish roe, herrings, baltic herring, slightly salted salmon, shrimps a la Skagen, beetroot salad, mushroom salad, pork terrine - just to mention those they I remember. Everything was fresh and delicious! The main course was served to the table and there're two options: braised lamb chuck or slightly smoked salmon with dill sauce. I took the later one. The smoke gave a nice flavor for the fish. For the dessert there was chocolate cake with raspberries and raspberry semifreddo.
The food was so good but two plates of starters were unfortunately too much. . . My stomach was more than full after the dinner.

There was still one table free when we left the restaurant, otherwise it was fully-booked. 


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