What To Wear???

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm heading to Paris this afternoon and was wondering what to pack...I wanted to pack as little as that I could wear the same outfit during both day and evening just with some tiny adjustments. 

Chocolate brown
 dress - Ralph Lauren, shoes - Tory Burch/D&G, scarf - LV, bags - LV/Michael Kors, jewellery - Swarovski
I packed the LV small bag for the evening and totally nude ballerinas.

 Exciting multi-coloured
 skirt - Marni, black t-shirt - Cerruti, white t-shirt - Cos, shoes - Prada/Tory Burch, bags - Prada/LV, jewellery - Swarovski

Refreshing orange
 Dress - Zara, shoes - Prada/Wave, bag - LV, jewellery - Swarovski/SoBe Antique Market

Light neutrals
 pants - Prada, top - Prada, t-shirt - A&F, bag - Prada, shoes - Tory Burch

Back to black
Sleeveless dress - Max Mara, short sleeve dress - Hugo Boss, scarf - LV, shoes - D&G/Prada

So I will be wearing something like these ones in Paris the next few days.
ps. Last time I visited Paris was in June 2009.


  1. Oh wauw how can I not love that red dress! I hope you have a great time in Paris :D


    1. Thank you! I do believe I will enjoy it there!


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