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Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Oh yes, macarons. Those crisp but chewy, light-as-air meringue cookies. 
Not the big, hulking Italian confections that are often made with coconut. 
French macarons are different. They are delicate yet persnickety. A feat of mixing, folding, stirring, and timing. 
A delightful combination of powdered sugar, finely ground almonds, and egg whites and not much else, 
save for the luxuriously creamy ganache or buttercream filling that holds the two cookies together. 
Ferm but tender, shiny yet ridged, with ethereally light shells and heavy middles, they're miniature studies of contests - and deliciousness."
Pierre Herme on 185 rue de Vaugirard.

"In Paris there're 2 kinds of people:those who think Pierre Herme makes the best macaroons and those who believe Laduree's are the best. What many people don't know, even ardent macaron worshippers, is that Pierre Herme once worked for Laduree, the traditional salon de the with roots back to 1862."

"Pierre Herme became consulting pastry chef at Laduree, opening the magnificent Champs-Elysees location. But ultimately, he was a little too rock and roll for the traditional outfit."

"If you ask me, both Pierre Herme and Laduree have their merits. Pierre Herme's macarons are still made by hand; Laduree's are assembled by machines. But Laduree's macaroons and boxes are also less espencive and the experience is more transcending. 
Brand and taste, preference and prejudices, the debate rages on: whose macaroons are the perfect balance of crisp to chewy to melty? 
Who has the most sublime flavour combinations? 
Who has the richest ganache? 
Whose are the prettiest? 
Ultimately, it's a quiestion that's nearly impossible to answer."

Amy Thomas - the author of 'Paris My Sweet-A Year In The City of Light (And Dark Chocolate)'

I love Amy's book! It's a real treasure map of Paris & New York for all sweet-tooth.

I've always been a huge Laduree fan. Had a chance in the beginning of this month while in Paris to visit Pierre Herme's at 185 rue de Vaugirard and taste some of his funky macarons.
Loved the Infiniment Jasmin & Veloute Banane (shown in the pic)!

Btw, later bought also some divine chocolate at Pierre Herme's 39 avenue de l'Opera store.

ps. there're several locations all around Paris to get 
Pierre Herme's macarons.


  1. Interesante....I always hear about Laurel, like you mention must be the experience. Good to know about herme day if a visit I will love to try the hand made...


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