Fresh Seafood

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here're some food pics from Piran.

Mussels and pommes frites.
Tried both grilled & traditional ones cooked in white wine 
with garlic & parsley.
Both so delicious!

 Crab salad with rucola
- fantastic!
Grilled scampi
- difficult to beat these!
 Tuna tartar. Scallops.
- not bad either!

 Once again crab salad. Grilled octopus.
- both excellent!

 Grilled turbot.
 The waiter helping with the fish.
Fish is so delicious in this place.

 Scorpion fish
- delicious!
(sorry for the blurry pic... doesn't look delicious, 
but it really was!)
For dessert chose tiramisu every evening...

 Restaurant Pavel by the sea is the place to eat in Piran.
Excellent fresh food with out any trick,
warm and great service.

Tried the other restaurants in Piran as well 
but they just can't beat Pavel.

Got even some souvenirs from Pavel: sea salt & grappa.


  1. Voi apua - näistä kuvista tuli nälkä!

    1. On kyllä viime aikoina tullut syötyä...

  2. Yksi sana (vai onkohan edes sana...;)): Aaaaahhhh...!!

    1. Hyvää oli! No, kohta te syötte tapaksia...

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  4. Fish is so delicious dish if it is prepared with good way. I love to eat Fresh Seafood.


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