Dinner Time

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This week it's been mainly home-cooking.
Asparagus with parmesan
Spicy meatballs with tomato sauce and lots of basil

As a big fan of asparagus had it almost on every meal...
Dreaming of lobster but ending up having some meatballs...
 Spicy soup with shitake mushrooms and shrimps
Filet of grouper with ginger sauce & cabbage salad

Nice & spicy Asian style dinner.

Sauteed Portobello mushrooms with garlic and parsley
Tenderloin of USDA organic certificated beef 
with spinach-tomato salad

Only in the US you can get beef as tender & delicious!

Pizza Diavolo at Fratelli la Bufala on 437 Washington Ave.
Pretty authentic Italian place.
Always a good choice for pizza.

Asparagus with avocado mousse
Swordfish with fresh spinach

Avocado matches with asparagus surprisingly well!
Swordfish was a bit too oily for my taste.
Salad with radish, avocado & egg
Filet of grouper with asparagus
Local organic blue cheese and brie

This salad could be great for lunch as well.
Not yet lobster but the grouper was fantastic too.
The local blue cheese was excellent.

And some sweets for dessert!

No idea yet what to eat today. Any suggestions?

ps. all the ingredients are bought at Publix & Whole Foods.
Both stores have amazing variety of fresh food and 
what ever you need for cooking.


  1. Everything looks very healthly and tasty! Your friday menu is my favourit!
    We had some salmon with broccoli and quinoa today :)


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