Art Market At Millenaris

Sunday, November 11, 2012

 As mentioned earlier I visited the Art Market Budapest 2012
on Thursday.
Here're some pics from there.
 One of the gallery owners, my friend, Ari Kupsus at his stand.
Painting of young Hungarian artist Mate Orr.
I have 2 of his paintings and 1 graphic work at home.

 2 paintings of young Transylvanian artist Beata Szekely
at Ari's stand.

The exhibition building at Millenaris Park is 
absolutely gorgeous with lots of light from the huge windows.

To be honest there was nothing impressive 
at Art Market this year.

My approach is not commercial at all 
but based only on my own reaction 
when I see a piece of art.
It either touches my feelings or not.


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