So Colourful!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn is at its best in Finland at the moment.
Or what do you think?

Unfortunately autumn also means flu season...
Haven't catch any, yet.

  Brought these weapons from Finland 
to fight against flu here in Budapest.
Bee propolis is a totally new product for me.
My friend in Finland recommended it.
Hopefully it works!

Carmolis herb drops I'm familiar with
but the other Carmolis one is something new for me,
it's mainly for digestion and has a cleaning effect.
I'm always having problems with my stomach.


  1. Täällä podetaan syksyn ensimmäistä flunssaa, ei kiva.

    Onneksi sä näytät olevan varustautunut :)

    1. Ikavaa etta olet saanut flunssan!
      Saa nahda miten mun kay varustelusta huolimatta...


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