Home-made Bread

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 Have you ever made bread by yourself?
It's really easy,
just go to nearest Ikea and buy "brodmix" packet! 
 Everything is in it, you just need to add some water
and shake it for a minute or two.
 Pour it to a bread tin, cover it with a tea towel 
and leave it to rise for an hour.
Bake it in an oven for app. one hour.
And the loaf is ready!
Home-made multigrain bread loaf.
Yummy and so easy to make!


  1. Hi Tibs - thanks for your very beautiful comment on my blog ;-)
    And your bread is looking very, very healthy, isn't it?!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day, hug Barbara

    1. Thank you, Barbara!
      Yes, that bread is so healthy with all that whole grains.

  2. this IKEA bread mix, is wonderful!!
    I pick it up every time i visit the store :)


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