On The Menu

Sunday, July 29, 2012

 It took me ages to learn to eat a proper breakfast.
During the weekends it's nice to have something 
else than a yogurt.

On Saturday ate some scramble eggs, cold-smoked salmon
and diced cucumbers on toast
No need for lunch.

 Saturday dinner at home
Vitello tonato
Spaghetti with anchovy & tomatoes
Filet of veal with basil-garlic potato slices

Istvandi Badacsonyi szurkebarat

 Sunday breakfast
Lox bagel
Skipped the lunch again!

 Sunday dinner at home
Beetroot soup
Filet of beef with chanterelles & diced potatoes

Le petit Jaboulet Viognier 

On both mornings had a bowl of local berries & fruit.

Tomorrow it's yogurt again...


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