Open Day

Sunday, June 3, 2012

 My friend Christa Bartesch had an open day 
in her studio on Saturday.
 Christa is a German artist living in Budapest.

 My favourite!
 The longer you watch the paintings the more colours 
you find in them.
 Her paintings are from small...
It's like a spring field through a sheer curtain, isn't it?
... to huge ones.
It would be great to wake up in the mornings watching 
the soft, fresh and welcoming atmosphere of these two paintings.

 Christa is a master using colours!


  1. Aivan mahtavia, oikein väriterapiaa. Ois ihanaa kuljeskella lasi kädessä ja katsella rauhassa näitä taideteoksia....

  2. amazing pieces of art!


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