Sunday, June 17, 2012

 Two full days + two half days of films!
Arrived to Sodankyla Midnight Sun Film Festival 
on Thursday at noon
and started the way back on Sunday afternoon.
What a fantastic trip!
Altogether watched 12 films.
Canned Dreams by Katja Gauriloff was one of them
with a pretty strong cry-factor...

The Midnight Sun Film Festival was founded in 1986 by Finnish filmmakers, e.g. the Kaurismäki brothers, and the Municipality of Sodankylä. The village of Sodankylä is located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, some 120 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, where the sun doesn't set at all in the summertime. The nature of Lapland and the nightless night provide the Midnight Sun Film Festival a setting no other festival can compete!
The atmosphere of the Midnight Sun Film Festival is one of the most unique in the whole world: the most fascinating film directors around the world, up-and-coming talents, the international audience and the inhabitants of Sodankylä meet under the midnight sun in the relaxed and informal "spirit of Sodankylä". Without any formal restraints, the festival is best characterised by its pure love for cinema.

Films are shown in four venues for 24 hours a day, and the actual time is easily forgotten as the sun shines as brightly at 4 a.m. as it does at 4 p.m.

 Taina Elg (1930)
She's the only Finnish Hollywood star.
Taina Elg made her career not only in Hollywood but also on Broadway as an actress, singer and dancer in musicals.

 Les Girls was shown in Sodankyla.

 The screenings took place in Lapinsuu cinema, at Kitisenranta school and in two tents.
Beautiful and even technically fabulous silent film 
Sunrise by Murnau was shown with live music.

 Hungarian director Bela Tarr.
His Werckmeister Harmonies was sensational!
The interview of Bela Tarr on Saturday morning made it clear what's his opinion on the state of Hungarian film industry today - it doesn't exist.
He made The Turin Horse in 2011 and has said it was his last film, no more film-making,
it was the end.

 Talented young Swedish director Axel Petersen.
His film Avalon was genius!
Lapinsuu cinema in Sodankyla.

Here's the list of the films that saw in Sodankyla:
Tarr: Wrecmeister Harmonies - definitely not an easy one,but definitely worth watching!
Rinnekangas: Watermark - beautiful scenery, but not worth watching.
Murnau: Sunrise - definitely worth watching this beautiful silent film.
Gauriloff: Canned Dreams - documentary, be prepare to drop some tiers, definitely worth watching!
Ostlund: Play - interesting realistic Swedish film, worth watching. 
Rudolph: The Moderns - Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris was better, not worth watching.
Siili: Harma - well-played Finnish film, go and see if you have time.
Kinnunen: Miss Farkku-Suomi - based on Kauko Royhka's book, worth watching!
Cukor: Les Girls - the last Hollywood musical movie, worth watching!
Louhimies: Vuosaari - first expression was what a crap, but worth watching, made me drop some tiers.
Petersen; Avalon -  genius Swedish film, absolutely worth watching!  

The weather in Sodankyla was perfect, not too cold, not too many mosquitos, a bit too light though - the sun was shining all day and night long!
My first visit to Lapland was perfect!

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  1. So interesting to read about your Sodankylä experience.Hopefully there is even more visitors next year!

    Näit ihan starojakin :-)
    Varmasti hieno kokemus, sen uskon. Ja kohta on sitten hiukan erityyppistä juhlallisuutta länsirannikolla? Oothan siihen saakka?
    Meidän juhlallisuudet meni niiiin ihanasti. Söpönen poika mulla. Niinkus tiedätkin ;-)


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