Friday, June 1, 2012

Blue Mint

 While away from home most of my balcony flowers didn't survive.
Still some strong ones left like this lovely scented Rosemary.
 Pink Lobelia is going strong but all Margharitas decided 
not to bloom any more.
 How do you like my new colour?
 The colour has kind of a cooling effect.

Today it's Blue Mint, next week Pictachio or Frozen Berry.
The size of Mavala bottles is so good,
fantastic for season colours.


  1. Love...have those sandals too - go with everything!! Happy weekend ~

  2. Kaunis sävy! Samoja lakkoja löytyy täältäkin. Ja hei, vähänkö kivat sandaalit =)

  3. Ihana sävy.. Sopii täydellisesti noihin kauniisiin sandaaleihin!

  4. Wow - I like them. For summertime, very cute colors! Hugs, Barbara


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