Tuesday, March 13, 2012

 Seafood plate at home:
warm-smoked Alaskan salmon,
mussels, shrimps, lobster
with 2 kinds of dip sauces.
Some sparkling water and pinot grigio.
Quite perfect!

 Don't always have to go to the Whole Foods
to get perfect ingredients.
All these found at Publix.
Easy to prepare, just needed cooking and making the sauces.

What about relaxing and renting a boat?
 Well, some of the boats - no - yachts can be rented for
yeah, that includes the staff.

 Decided to take the water taxi instead...

Always happening in South Beach 
- photo shooting for summer dresses.


  1. Herkkua :)!!!

    Juu ei olisi hullumpaa nauttia ahdin herkkuja tuollaisessa huviveneessä ja noissa maisemissa...:)!

    Mukavaa päivää sinnepäin :)!

  2. Ja hätähousu vielä korjaa+lisää:

    Olet sitten valmistanut melkoiset herkut! :)


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