Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Key West part 4

 To give an idea of the price level in Key West:
This small house is for sale for $425.000,-.

 It does have an extension....
 The electricity may need some fixing...
But there's a gorgeous bouganvilla in the back...

It did put me back on the ground.


  1. Ah, bouganvilla on just mun lemppari ulkomailla :)!

    Eikä, siis tuo hökkeli 425donaa??-huh,huh..

    Tibs, tulepas käymään blogissani, siellä odottaa sinua pieni yllätys...:)

  2. There is NO way that place costs THAT much? OMG!!!

  3. Yeah, it's unbelievable - $ 425.000,- for that schack!


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