Antique Market On Lincoln

Sunday, February 26, 2012

 Bought these cute brooches at Antique Market on Lincoln Road.
This collectors' market is on Lincoln Road every other Sunday
from October to May.

 Lots of choices from expensive ones... more affordably ones.

 Vintage clothing.
Saw there a gorgeous vintage dress by Emilio Pucci
for $1.200 - the size was not good for me...

 Strong book holders!

 A paradise for vinyl collectors.

 Elmer Fudd welcoming to look closer the things.

 Gorgeous Art Deco lamps!

 Tons of beads to make your own jewellery.

 Interesting form.

 The Art Deco posters are so cool!

After walking and looking all that wonderful stuff,
needed a break at Paul's on Lincoln...
and a delicious strawberry tartlet.
One of the best tartlets ever!


  1. I want some of that Strawberry tartlet!
    wow it's huge, love the butterflies at the beggining!

  2. all of those finds are so lovely! great eye!

  3. i love really hard-to-find pieces like these! no one else will have them!

  4. I like the brooches you picked out !


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