Hungarian Dancers

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exhibition Opening titled
Hungarian Dancers by Michael Milburn Foster
at The National Dance Theatre
in Budapest on Wednesday

Gallerist Ari Kupsus organised the event
The official opening by
the Financial Director of the Dance Theatre,
gallerist Ari Kupsus with translator,
Dr Judit Mandy who made an excellent speech
telling about the works of the artist
and the artist himself Michael Milburn Foster

By the way the 4 paintings on the background
will continue to Paris after this exhibition!

The artist had been working as a film director
in Hollywood for 30 years
The artist wanted to capture the movements
- he videoed dancing and chose 3 still pictures
of the movement and painted them in one painting
always leaving out some essential body parts
As Judit Mandy told in her speech
Matisse has said that changing one colour in a painting
changes the whole painting
- like in these paintings with 
different background colour
The title Hungarian Dancers
suits well as the exhibition is held in
Dance Theatre and the models were
Hungarian dancers
- unfortunately the dancers themselves couldn't
attend the opening ceremony
as they're in Chicago at the moment  
Dr Judit Mandy and Michael Milburn Foster
- the artist had been working 
as a film director in Hollywood for 30 years

The movement is seen perfectly
in a distance.

Nemzeti Tancszinhaz Galleria
I Budapest, Szinhaz utca 1-3

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  1. Aikast mageita! Voisin kuvitella jonkun tommosen, mutta harmaasävyin meille.


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