Walk Around The World

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk around the world in Las Vegas
- in the guide book it's said to take 2h,
but it took more than 5h
so not an easy task! 

 First destination: Egypt
at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard
and Hacienda Avenue
- the Luxor Hotel & Resort is pretty spectacular
- the main building is a 30-story high pyramid
built in 1993

 The entrance is guarded by an impressive
10-story high Great Sphinx

(the rail is for monorail, 
in case walking is not your thing,
take the monorail to the next hotel)

 A sandstone obelisk
 Pharao hounddog
 Inside is decorated with Egyptian-themed furnishing,
including statues, hieroglyphic-inscribed tapestry
and faux trees
Not seen so well in this pic 
but there's escalators just like in the airports
to take quickly to the next destination

Let's continue to New York!

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