Santa Barbara?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

 Driving to San Francisco - not...
Decided to have a quick visit to Santa Barbara
thinking that it's just a couple of miles from Malibu...
 Pacific Highway towards north
 Arrived to Santa Barbara just before sunset

 Santa Barbara is a wealthy resort town
- you don't come here for urban thrills,
but for history, culture, top-end eating
and an old-world aesthetic
 Boutique of Juicy Couture
 Lots of shopping possibilities in Paseo Nuevo...
- a colourful shopping and dining centre
- Macy's, Nordstrom, Abercrombie&Fitch,
Gap, Victoria's Secret, Aveda, Sephora...
and See's Candies!

651 Paseo Nuevo
SantaBarbara, CA

 Santa Barbara is a city with a single architectural style
- after the devastating earthquake in 1925,
the centre was rebuilt according to strict rules 
that dictated Mediterranean-style architecture

 Cute looking Saks Fifth Avenue!
 Detail of a bank building
 The local Chumash Indians lived here for 5.000 years,
before the Spanish arrived in 1786
 Detail of a beautiful  tile wall
The bride's father's house was 
the principal one in the place,
 with a large court in front, 
upon which a tent was built, 
capable of containing several hundred people.
 ...for on these occasions no invitations are given,
 but every one is expected to come..."

Lobero Theatre
- built in 1924
- the original theatre was built in the same place in 1873
by Jose Lobero, an Italian musician
Vow, what a cupcake!

By the way, Santa Barbara is by the ocean 
but the downtown is more in inland

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