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Monday, October 24, 2011

 Welcome to Venice
Went to Windward Avenue to look for a place to have lunch
on Thursday afternoon
with the same outfit as on the flight,
not so nice but didn't want to stay in room
to wait for the luggage to arrive
 Found Danny's Venice Bistro on Windward Avenue
to have a Ceasar salad
- very good!
 Danny's Venice Bistro
23 Windward Avenue at Speedway

 Breakfast on the first morning
- take-away tea, "croissant" and yoghurt with fruit&granola
- nice!
 Another lunch at Danny's Venice Bistro...
- went there on Friday as well
 Grilled salmon, bacon & avocado on rye sandwich
- delicious!
 Can't complain there's no spices on the table
 Sunday breakfast at Sidewalk Cafe
on Ocean Front Walk at Horizon Avenue
- had a lox bagel, not so Californian but so good!

Have already had some take-away from: 

Mao's Kitchen
1512 Pacific Ave at Windward Ave
- great Chinese food

Hama Sushi
213 Windward Ave at Main Street
- excellent sushi

Bought a huge box of chewable multivitamins at CVS
- the tablets themselves are HUGE!
- noticed later that these vitamins are for adults 50+,
well, can't harm to start early

Rented a car so easy to go to Whole Foods
to fill the fridge
Whole Foods Market
225 Lincoln Ave at Rose Ave

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