National Gallop 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

 National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta)
at Heroes Square (Hösök ter)
during this weekend
 All kind of horse races in Hussar style
 The winner got 10 million forints!
 The Heroes Square was covered with sand

Andrassy ut was closed for cars
- it was also Automentes hetvege
= weekend without cars
Young Hungarian Hussars
 An elderly Hungarian Hussar
 And these are...???

"Kitchen Of Hungary"
was opened
on Andrassy ut

 All kinds of magyar delicasies
 Something for lunch...??
 Hungarian sausages
 Smiling pickled belly peppers

 Making of kürtős kalács

Kürtős kalács is a Hungarian pastry also known
as chimney cake or stove cake or Hungarian wedding cake.
It is baked on a tapered cylindrical spit over an open fire.
Originally from Transylvania,
it is famous as Hungary's oldest pastry.
Kürtőskalács is sold in bakeries, pastry shops and
even street vendors are selling them
on street corners, carnivals and fairs.
Ready-made kurtos kalacs

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