Monday, July 11, 2011

Rathaus the Town House

Some facts about Munich:
- the capital city of Bavaria, Germany
- located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps
- the third largest city in Germany, behind Berlin and Hamburg
-about 1.35 million people live within the city limits
- hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Mariensäule - Marian Column
Rathaus Glockenspiel
Every day at 11 a.m.
(as well as 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. in summer)
it chimes and re-enacts two stories from the 16th century.
 It consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures.

The top half of the Glockenspiel tells the story of
the marriage of the local Duke Wilhelm V
(who also founded the world famous Hofbräuhaus)
to Renata of Lorraine.
In honour of the happy couple there is a joust
with life-sized knights on horseback
representing Bavaria (in white and blue)
and Lothringen (in red and white).
The Bavarian knight wins every time of course.

The whole show lasts somewhere between 12 and 15 minutes
depending on which tune it plays that day.
At the very end of the show,
a very small golden bird at the top of the Glockenspiel
chirps three times,
marking the end of the spectacle.

The New Town House was built between 1867 and 1908
by Georg von Hauberrisser in a Gothic Revival architecture style.
It covers an area of 9159 m² having 400 rooms.

Detail of the Rathaus in the courtyard, Marienhof
Footprint of Devil!
Much of the interior of Frauenkirche
was destroyed during WWII.
An attraction that survived is the Teufelsschritt,
or Devil's Footstep, at the entrance. T
his is a black mark resembling a footprint,
which according to legend was where the devil stood
when he curiously regarded and ridiculed
the windowless church that Halsbach had built.

The outside of the Gothic Frauenkirche was under renovation
- inside the church is very simple, white and rather light
- the Catholic cathedral can hold approximately 20,000 people
- the interior of the cathedral,
which is among the largest hall churches in southern Germany,
consists of the nave and two side aisles of equal height (31 metres)
- the arches were designed by Heinrich von Straubing.

The Frauenkirche is the most famous building in the city centre

A must in Munich: Hofbräuhaus
Not a huge fan of sausages
so had a "small" portion of salad and baked potato...
Ludwig Beck - Martin Beck's brother
or a department house...
- no shopping this time, believe it or not!
Nice hotel and great location in the Altstadt
Bye-bye Munich!
Time to continue the trip to Salzburg

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