Thursday, July 7, 2011

 What about the adults???
- if only children can cross the street while green...
A bit confusing sign in Fussen, Bavaria in Southern Germany
 It took about 1,5h to drive from Munich to Fussen
- by the way Fussen is the highest town in Bavaria,
808m above sea level

There is a growing demand for the over 700-year-old town of Füssen
-- situated at the southern end of the Romantic Road
and in the heart of one of the finest holiday regions in the entire Alpine region

Beautiful signs in Fussen:
 This is probably the coat-of-arms of Fussen
 Must be a bakery
 Svan is the sign of...well, no idea!
 Shoemaker, perhaps
 Trout with potato salad for lunch
No idea of the name of the restaurant
wgere had the lunch
but there're lots of interesting animals
on the wall in terrace!
From Fussen continued the journey to

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