Sunday Markets

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

 Visited some markets on Sunday
- organic and hand-made are so in!
 Farmers' Market at Seaport
 Delicious US organic apples
 Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms...
 Famous Finnish Ruis Bread
was represented by Kuusisto brothers
at New Amsterdam Market
- the ruis bread is also sold in Whole Foods,
- on Saturday a Finnish girl was given tasting bits
of the ruis bread with cheese and cucumber
at Whole Foods on E Houston Street at Bowery
(by the way much better Whole Foods than at Union Square!)
 New Amsterdam Market near the Brooklyn Bridge... to the South Street Seaport
 Trinity Church looks so small
in between the massive buildings of Wall Street
Sunday Book Market on Crosby Street
 Live entertainment on Crosby Street
- they played very well kind of indie American rock
Tea break at Starbucks on Broadway

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