Grab A Bite In Helsinki

Sunday, June 26, 2011

 Had dinner at Salutorget earlier this week
Toast Skagen
- very nice!
 Glow fried white fish with fried globe artichoke,
Beluga lentils and lemon sauce
- very nice as well,
a bit too heavy though
 Fresh strawberries with merinque
and champagne sabayone
- lovely!
Pohjoisesplanadi 15
 The new Minister of Finance Jutta Urpilainen
giving an interview in the steps of
Presidential Palace on Mariankatu
 Recently opened restaurant Sunn
in the renovated Kiseleff building
- nice old Scandinavian atmosphere
 Fried vendace with garlic sauce
- delicious and crispy
Veal liver with onion, vegetable puree and sauce...
- didn't like it,
too thick slices,
but it was mentioned on the menu
that they are 2cm thick,
just did't pay any attention to it...
- anyway, great place
- Finnish ex-Minister of Employment
Anni Sinnemäki was there at the same time
with a young man...
Restaurant Sunn
Aleksanterinkatu 26, 2.floor


  1. Vähän haiskahtaa paparazzi-touhulta. Taisit olla odottamassa Urpilaista :D


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