Charity Fashion Show

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 Charity Fashion Show at the Embassy of Finland
on the Europe Day
9 May 2011
- before getting to the Ambassadorial Sweet Table
(including delicasies from all over the world)
there're programmes:
 Soprano Katalin Vamosi and pianist Emese Virag
performed arias from European composers
- quite melancholic pieces
 Two musicians played Hungarian folk music
during the fashion show
- all the dresses were unique and designed by
Zsuzsanna Juhasz
and the silk scarves were made by Gabi Varro
- show consisted 2 parts:
first came the autumn/winter collection
and later spring/summer collection,
evening dressers and
Hungarian style collection
well, didn't see any difference between the collections
- the following photos are not very good quality
but they will give the right impression,
kind of "back in the USSR" feeling...

 It wasn't just the designs but also the quality
was rather poor even though the garments were
made with good materials like silk and wool,
they weren't fitted
Zsuzsanna Juhasz, Gabi Varro
and the Finnish Ambassador Jari Vilen
- Zsuzsanna has been designing and manufacturing
for 30 years,
so no wonder...
Anyway the atmosphere was nice and cosy,
and the donations went to good places:
Dori-Haz, the first hospice for uncured children in Hungary
and Sofi-School for mentally disabled children in Budapest 

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