"The Knot Of The Heart"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

 Islington is a great place to stay in London
- it's lively & trendy with lots of small boutiques,
restaurants, bars, galleries and
Almeida Theatre
- it's near everything:
walk by the canal to Camden or St Paul's
or just take the tube from Angel to anywhere in London!
Now in April everything is green & blossoming
 Bought tickets to Almeida Theatre
to see "The knot of the heart"  by David Eldridge
Almeida Theatre
Almeida Street
London N1
 “Why has this happened to us?
Things like this don’t happen to families like ours.

Beautiful and privileged, Lucy is enjoying a burgeoning career in television.
But her social drug habit has become a hard drug addiction,
casting a dark shadow over her future happiness.

As her charmed life begins to slip away
Lucy comes to realise that the devoted support of her family
does not come without a price.
Very powerful & intense play
with well-played charecters
who could be quite annoying
- things are not so simple,
sometimes trying to protect
can make more harm
Lisa Dillon - Lucy
Margot Leicester - Mother
Abigail Cruttenden - Angela, Lucy's elder sister
Kieran Bew - played several charácters
Sophie Stanton - rehab councelor

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