North Point Of Elbow Cay

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What could have happened??!!!
- Unfortunately will never know!
Walked from Hope Town
to the north end of the island
- very peaceful road
Nice tight fence
Would be nice to know
what's the name of this plant
-it really makes a good fence
Small harbour in the shadows
between the houses and "forest"
Some houses of the north end:
Some like it traditional
Some like it round
Some like it modern
And some like it very private
Beach in the north end
After all that walking
these feet really need a pedicure...


  1. Joo, kyl täytyy sanoa, että on teillä ollut ka-ma-la reissu jo tähän mennessä....(hehe)
    On se hyvä, ettet sitä sammakkoa mennyt pussamaan. Tod.näk. olisit saanut jonkun kingkongkokoisen prinssin riesaksesi. Ne kun ei osaa edes kokata!


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