Gulf Coast

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Took a small road from Gainesville
to Gulf Coast
- not much to see!
Drove through Archer & Bronson
- had a break at a countryside mall,
cup of tea & a cookie
Clearwater Beach, Madeira Beach,
St Petersburg Beaches...
- nothing special
Had in mind to stay overnight
in St Petersburg
- the famous Pier on the background,
like an upside-down pyramide
But the city didn't impress much
so kept on driving
Heading towards the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge
which is spanning Tampa Bay
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge
exactly 5,5 miles
(app. 8,85km)
My lunch at Naples!!!
As not finding any really fascinating place
to stay
decided to drive back to Miami
- took the shortest cut:
Alligator Alley
The name was given by the American Automobile Association
during planning;
they believed it would be a useless road,
an alley for alligators.
However, as alligators often frequent the waterways
beside the road,
and occasionally the road itself,
the nickname has a somewhat literal meaning.
Big thanks to the navigator!
Great to be back in Miami!!!
- had a take-way pizza for late dinner

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