Portuguese Man O'War

Friday, February 11, 2011

Found out that this blueish bubble isn't so
harmless than thought it to be!

The Portuguese Man O'War can cause a severe
stinging burning rash that may be painful for several days.
The bright and iridescent blue colours
of the balloon shaped Man O'War is difficult to see
while swimming and may cause severe burning
if one swims through the long tentacles.
They may appear on ocean beaches after strong onshore winds;
they are rare in sheltered waters.
If stung, leave the water and carefully remove
any tentacles remaining on your skin with tweezers
or a gloved hand to minimize the bursting
of additional stinging capsules.
There is no magic potion to cure these stings.
Scrubbing and rubbing the area could well make things worse;
rubbing alcohol, once thought to be a "cure" does not really help,
but some say vinegar brings relief.
Usually the sharp stinging pain subsides
within a few hours, and is completely gone after a few days.
If the stung person develops s
hortness of breath, backache or
muscle pain the person should be brought to the nearest clinic.

The Cruising Guide to Abaco Bahamas 2011 by Steve Dodge

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