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Friday, February 11, 2011

Breakfast made of fresh mangos, oranges & bananas
The fruit are so sweet & delicious, and huge!

Cooked the crabs in the morning
to get them chilled before dinner
Break at noon at the Coffee Shop
- rasberry-oats bar with a cup of tea
- very sweet & delicious!
There're 2 grocery stores in Hopetown
Sometimes you find it in one store sometimes in the other.
All the products are imported
and delivered from Marsh Harbour
Vernon's Grocery with the Upper Crust Bakery
where breads & pies are baked daily
Vernon's business slogans:
"Let Them Eat Key Lime Pie"
"Pies 'R Us"

Harbour View Grocery
- they also deliver the things you bought
- very handy if you happen to live
a bit farther from the town
- my favourite!
Wine Down Sip Sip on Back Street
opened during summer 2009
- a wide assortment of wines & beer

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