A Walk In Budapest

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looks like somewhere else than in Hungary
but yes, this is in Budapest
Had a 4-hour-walk in Budapest
in a great weather on Sunday
Walked throught some dodgy districts
where felt like being totally in a different country!
- didn't dare to take the camera out of bag
in every corner...
This pic is a very neutral one,
taken in Jószefváros

Finally had a chance to see the new houses
of Corvin sétány (= Corvin Promenade)
- this building is Cordia City Garden
- quite nice!
But the view from the houses
is not so pleasant...
. Cordia Premier House
- the whole Corvin project still takes some time,
it's supposed to be finished by 2020
Entrance to the Corvin Mall
Corvin Shopping Mall
- light & spacious!
The Brody Sándor House
on Brody Sándor utca 10, VIII district

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