Sunday, December 19, 2010

Found some nice amaryllis
at Lehél tér piac (=market)
with a really good price!
Amaryllis is also known as
the belladonna lily or naked ladies.
The genus has two species
and the more famous of the two,
Amaryllis belladonna,
is a native of South Africa,
particularly the rocky southwest region near the Cape.
It should not be confused with Hippeastrum,
a flowering bulb commonly sold in the winter months
for its ability to bloom indoors
Hippeastrum is a genus of about 90 species
and 600+ hybrids and cultivars of bulbous plants
in the family Amaryllidaceae,
native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas
from Argentina north to Mexico and the Caribbean.
Some species are grown for their large showy flowers.
These plants are popularly but erroneously known as Amaryllis,
a monotypic African genus in the same family.
Even though the flower stands
at Lehél tér don't look
very appealing
one can still find among all that
colourful stuff
decent flowers,
if lucky!

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