Arcade Bistro

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amuse bouche
- gooseliver capucchino,
nice cold soup from the chef
(who ever he/she was)
so the beginning of the dinner was good
despite the fact that the waiter dropped down
some of the plates with soup on
almost to one of us neck...
Chose a salad for starter
- ok, seeds're a nice plus
. Main course:
Kentucky Fried Chicken?
No, but deep fried Bresse chicken
- nothing else on the plate...
Mash potato
. and slices of apple came together with the chicken
on different bowls
So in the beginning, the chicken tasted good,
but then realized that the meat was red...
Raw chicken served in a place which is voted
as one of the best restaurants in town!
- unbelievable!
When mentioned it to the waiter,
he just said ok, took the plate
and arrived some minutes later to
ask if wanted something else
- answer was NO!
Just ate some of the mash potato
and apples,
somehow lost the appetite
- skipped the dessert as well
. The place itself looks nice, very bistro style,
and there's a nice terrace outside too
- the place was pretty empty on Friday evening
To go there again or recommed it?
Not so sure...
Had a nice feeling to go & eat there
as read this article before:
"Arcade Bistro is a highly popular
upscale French style restaurant in Budapest
off the beaten tourist track.
As Fodor’s guide puts it,
Arcade Bistro is a
“modern, sophisticated bistro on a leafy intersection
not far from Déli Pályaudvar (Train Station).
The floor-to-ceiling waterfall smack
in the middle of the dining room soothes as
it keeps conversations discreet
and complements the unfussy interior.”
Frommer’s guide says:
“this is a pleasant retreat at the foot of the Buda hills …
which serves a unique palette of seafood
and a selection of Hungarian and international cuisine.
The starter was truly special,
being a wonderfully marinated salmon
with a red-pepper sauce:
an unusual, yet very positive selection in a country
where marinated or smoked salmon is a rarity. …
We liked this place for its cozy and creative atmosphere.”
Seafood? That wasn't even on the menu!
Perhaps the article was a bit old or something...
August is of course a holiday month
but still if you keep the restaurant open
the standsard shouldn't change for that
Arcade Bistro
1126 Budapest
Kiss János altábornagy utca 38
Unfortunately very dissapointed!

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