The Temple Church

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time for a cultural moment of the day!
Not far from Covent Garden
is one of the oldest churches in London,
The Temple Church
The Temple Church is a late 12th century church
located between Fleet Street and the River Thames,
built for and by the Knights Templaras
their English headquarters.
In modern times, two Inns of Court
(Inner Temple and Middle Temple)
both use the church.
It is famous for its effigy tombs
and for being a round church.
It was heavily damaged during the Second World War
but has been largely restored.
The area around the Temple Church is known as the Temple
and nearby is Temple Bar and Temple tube station,
all derive their name from the church.
The church has a wonderful acoustic for singing.
The church was featured in the controversial
popular novel The Da Vinci Code
and was also used as a location in the The Da Vinci Code film.
The release of doves in the round church in the film
relate to Ernest Lough's
(the most famous boy soprano to come from Temple Church)
recording of "O for the wings of a dove".

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