Mini Bistro

Friday, May 14, 2010

After Elle Vip Night at Guess
had a dinner at Mini Bistro on Buda side
- never been there before

First arrived a waiter with a tray
of small portions of different salads
too choose from
- had a rocket salad with sun-dried tomato & parmesan
- very nice & also the small mini-size portion was a good idea
After zthe small salad you couldchoose a starter
but found out the salad was enough
so went straight to the main course
Grilled filet of flounder with asparagus
& hollandaise sauce,
small potatoes, tomatoes & mushrooms
- very good and again the portion was not too huge!
Dessert was served the same way as the starter salad:
a tray where you could choose what you like
- had a piece of chocolate mousse cake
- lovely!
Rating: -4/5
- nice atmosphere
with jazzy music, not too loud
- nice service
- trendy but cosy interior
- nice & different way to serve the food
Mini Bistro
Krisztina tér 3

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