Harry's Bar

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Went to Harry's Bar for a Bellini
but there was 1 table still available
for lunch upstairs...
- just couldn't resist
so change one drink to a lunch
And it was worth it,
even though it was the most expensive lunch ever...
Shrimps with lemon & olive oil
- marvellous!
Filets of sole with artichoke
- interesting & extremely delicious!
Lemon tart with merinque
- better than Key West Lime pie!
Crepes a la Creme
would've been another option for dessert...
Harry's daughter was walking around &
asking how's the food
(maybe she really is Harry's daughter,
or maybe it's just way of marketing...)
Lunch is over
& the place is empty
before dinner starts
Harry's Bar
San Marco 1323, Venezia
- been there couple of times before
but just for Bellinis
- lunch was excellent for special occasions
like birthdays,
almost like once in a lifetime
Harry's Bar is a sort of Venetian institution
- opened in 1931 by Giuseppe Cipriani,
who lent some money to an American guy named Harry,
Giuseppe got the money back with some extras
after years
and estblished a bar
and named it after this American guy

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