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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The profession of gondolier is controlled by a guild,
which issues a limited number of licenses
granted after periods of training and apprenticeship,
and a major comprehensive exam
which tests knowledge of Venetian history and landmarks,
foreign language skills,
and practical skills in handling the Gondola
typically necessary in the tight spaces of Venetian canals.
.- read somewhere that it takes 10 years to get Gondole licence

An abandon building in one couryard
- it's a pity no-one has restored this gorgeous house
- not so many flats for sale in Venice,
but quite many empty ones.
The reason is in taxation:
no inheritance taxes at all
but rather high sales profit tax
There are around 70.000 inhabitants in Venice
- app. 14 million tourists in year
at least in the last years,ű
don't know what's the amount now
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
- external staircases were common in
Venetian houses of the 14th & 15th centuries
but, even at the time it was built,
the staircase of the Plazzo Contarini was unusual
due to its size & form
"bovolo" = snail
. Torre dell'Orologio
- this clocktower on Piazza di San Marcos dates
from the Renaissance
- local legend tells that once the clock was completed,
the 2 inventors of the complex mechanism
had their eyes gouged out
to prevent them from
ever creating a replica
Spritz all'Aperol
- Venetian drink made of prosecco & Aperol
- it was lovely to sit at a terrace and enjoy
the great weather & people-watching
By the way, heard that Jolie-Pitt family
was in Venice at the same time
as Angelina is filming the "Tourist" there
- actually saw some filming equipment & bright lights
along Canal Grande between
Accademia & Campo di Salute

Cruising season in Mediterranean has already started
- 2 cruise liners leaving Venice in Monday afternoon

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