Basilica di San Marco

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Basilica di San Marco blends the architectural
and decorative styles of East & West
- amazing building outside & inside
Pala d'Oro
- the jewel-spangled altarpiece is the most valuable
treasure of San Marco
- made up of 250 enamel paintings on gold foil
enclosed with a gilded silver Gothic frame
- situated behinf the altar
- Napolean stole some of the precious stones in 1797,
but there are still plenty of pearls, rubies,
sapphires & amethysts left
Lots of beautiful mosaics
both on floors and walls
Tried to go inside in the morning,
but the queue was several hundreds of meters long
- tried again the afternoon,
then only couple of people going inside
- free entrance to the main part of the basilica

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