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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Was invited to Art Fanatics -
Private Contemporary Art Collections 2 -
opening exhibition at Műcsarnok on Thursday at 7pm
- the place was absolutely crowded,
had difficulties to see the pieces of art,
must go there later again
- it was the art happening of the year,
so the whole art scene was attened there
The private collectors of the ehibition:
The Barabás, Hoffmann, Hunya,
K.A.S. –Ilona Nyakas, K. Petrys,
Kozma – kArton and Pálfi collections,
and the collections of
László Fehér, Pál Gerber and Imre Merics
It is for the second time
that Műcsarnok hosts an exhibition
that introduces contemporary art collections from Hungary.
Some may find this surprising
because institutions of contemporary art
and non-profit galleries are chiefly interested in
the nature of contemporary art,
the idea of a work of art,
and their exhibitions follow art historical
and professional considerations.
The practice of collectors, by contrast,
is by and large defined by their commitment to art
and their admiration for artistic practices.
If it has philosophical aspects,
the work of art is above all an object in the eye of the collector,
a piece of tangible reality,
the ownership and enjoyability of
which relies on the fact that it is durable
and can be put into storage.
Műcsarnok undertakes to present
contemporary Hungarian collections
because the practice of collection has become,
over the past few years,
a crucial circumstance in the local art scene,
and collections are integral parts
of the process of creating artistic value.
At the same time,
it is our experience
that the distinction between works in collections
and those in the exhibition galleries
is becoming more and more blurred.
This exhibition of contemporary collections
can be considered an attempt
to represent the new context of Hungarian contemporary art,
to examine its condition.
This year’s display shifts the focus onto
the personal aspects of the collections,
the relationship of the artist and the collector
who is as likely to be a patron as a friend.
Ministry of Education and Culture,
National Cultural Fund

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