Gourmet Friday

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Again fish for Friday dinner
- the recommendation for eating fish is 2-3 times/week
- nowadays it's easier to get fresh fish in Budapest
than some years ago,
when it was only "tengeri hal" (sea fish) or
local fish from Lake Balaton & Tisza
- Cora has a good slection of fish
This Friday's dinner was Italian orientated
(not a big surprise)

Egg salad with anchovy mayonnese
- tasty!
Risotto con gambaretti
- freshly cooked shrimps are so delicious!
Baked dorada,
stuffed with black olives, lemon, parsley, garlic
& olive oil
- great taste & texture
Side dish: roasted potato slices
with garlic & parsley
Wines're French:
Cremante d'Alsace
Chablis 2007

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