Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

"I like things"
Sir Paul Smith
is Guest of Honour 2010
This is the 7th year in a row
that a top international designer has been invited
to design a lounge
Pics of Paul Smith's stand:
Paul Smith is best known as a fashion designer,
but he has also designed furniture and
upholstery textiles
. Traditional Paul Smith stripes
Paul smith's boutiques have always been
an important aspect of his work.
They reflect his character and design;
an unmistakable British look enhanced by an unexpected twist.
. Interesting combinations
By his own words:
"When it comes to the lounge at Stockholm Furniture Fair,
I think it's important that it doesn't just have a minimlistic elegance,
because we've seen that plenty of times before.
I want to spread an interesting, optimistic atmosphere
that is inspring,
that shows something other than pure elegance."

Paul Smith was born in Nottingham in 1946
- he opened his first boutique in Nottingham in 1970
- in 1976, he showed his first menswear collection
in Paris under the Paul Smith label
- today he sells 13 collections in 75 countries
- there are Paul Smith boutiques in
London, Paris, Milan,
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul,
Moscow, Cape Town
and over 200 throughout Japan
Some pics from the Home Furniture Section:
Lots of white "American east coast style"
. Eero Aarnio's creatures
- no idea of the function!
Gorgeous sofa
by Sits
Worth a visit
nothing really new in the fair
- no huge new inventions nor colour combinations

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