Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Went to see ExperiDance's performance called
Boldogság 69:09
at Művészetek Palotája
on Tuesday afternoon
- the story was about the history of Hungary
between 1969 to 2009,
especially how the life of young people has changed
- so the basic story was ok
and the expectation quite high
as the dance group led by Sándor Román is
pretty well known
The beginning of the performance
with techno music and pole dancing
was awful!
And it didn't get much better during the whole show
- probably the dancers were good in dancing,
but the choreography was poor
- one curiosity: hard to understand what part of Hungary's history
the wanna-be latinos were playing???
The show would have been good,
almost great
if it had been danced in a shopping mall.
But not on the stage of Műveszéti Palotája
(the Palace of Arts)
Hopefully this "Boldogság 69:09" didn't represent
a typical ExperiDance performance/choreography
- have to go and check another of their show
as soon as possible
and after that make the final opinion of them

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