Gyönyörű Budapest!

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's beautiful, isn't it!
Some facts about
The Parliament House:
The building is 268 meter long,
123 meter wide in the middle,
96 meter high with the dome.
It occupies 18 000 square meters,
with 473 000 cord cubic capacity.
Just the base itself,
consisting of 2-5 meter thick solid concrete,
was constructed over three and a half months.
The facade includes 90 statues,
while the interior walls are decorated with 152 statues,
county's and city's coat of arms,
and local flower motives.
Around 40 kilogram of 22-23 carat gold was used for decorations.
The building has 27 doors,
29 staircases,
and 13 elevators.
The symmetrical arrangement of the building
is designed to serve a double chamber system,
similar to the Capitol in Washington.
The huge dome hall in the middle
was designed for joined sessions.
This part of the building was the first to be completed,
hosting the parliament millennial section of 1896.
16 statues of Hungarian kings and rulers, a
long with their coat of arms, ornate the walls:
St. István, St. László, Kálmán Könyves,
András the 2nd, Béla the 4th, Lajos Nagy,
János Hunyadi and Mátyás Hunyadi, kings of Hungary,
followed by Transylvanian monarchs:
István Báthori, István Bocskai,
Gábor Bethlen and György Rákóczi the first;
and three Habsburg rulers:
Károly the 3rd, Terézia Mária and Lipót the 2nd.
As Hungary resorted to a single chamber system at the end of 1944,
the northern conference room
(once serving the upper chamber)
is often used for international conferences.
The southern conference room came to host the chamber of deputies.
With excellent acoustics,
the 25 meters long, 23 meters wide, and 17 meters high room
originally seated 438 deputies,
while an inner circle of velvet chairs seated the ministers.
The pulpit seated the president and the notaries.
Wall paintings depict historical events,
statues represent allegoric figures of honoured virtues.
The Parliament also includes an extensive library
of around half-a-million books and documents,
handled by a modern information system.
The huge reading-room is situated on the lower floor.

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