Basilica Cistern

Monday, October 26, 2009

Entrance to the cistern
- vast underground water cistern
- laid out under Justinian in 532
- for a century after the Ottoman
didn't know of its existence
- was rediscovered after people were found to be
collecting water by lowering buckets
through holes in their basements
. Pic with a flash
- this is more how it looked like,
Pic without a flash
- too light, but can be seen better
The cistern's roof is held by 336 columns,
each over 8m high.
Only app. 2/3 of the original structure is visible today,
the rest having been bricked up in the 19th century
. Plenty of fish
. A column resting on Medus head base
. and another column on a turned Medusa base
- these bases are evidence of plundering
by the Byzantines from earlier mouments
- thought to mark a nymphaeum,
a shrine tothe water nymphs
Basilica Cistern
Yerbatan Sarayi
13 Yerebatan Cad

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