Gozsdu udvár

Monday, August 10, 2009

Very nicely made,
but it's still quite empty
and looks like it's going to be that way
at least for some time
Buddha Bar is there already,
Restaurant Babel and Café Vian
have ads about opening soon
Plenty of space for shops
"The Gozsdu Court is situated in the classical Downtown,
just a few minutes' walk from the Deák Ferenc Square.
The building complex composed by rows of courts coupled to one another,
interconnects the House No.13 in the Király Street
and the House No.16 in the Dob Street.
Upon the completion of the building,
the Király Street's section adjacent to the Downtown
became the centre of the Jewish Quarter in Pest.
Here, the first praying places were situated
and a centre of the commercial life of Budapest evolved, as well.
Tanners and furriers, leather working craftsmen
and wool-merchants, drapers
and cloth merchants lived in this area.
In the Gozsdu Apartment Building's courts
opening into one another became determinant elements
of the commercial life bustling here.
Mainly goldsmiths, jewellers and gold-
and silversmiths opened their shops.
Nevertheless, a textile shop, a boutique
and a barber's shop were also operated here,
and what is more,
a pre-printing house, too,
where the patterns of the initials to be embroidered
on the dotal gift of young gentlewomen were traced.
This area continued to be the centre of life in terms
of culture and business,
it is rich in historical monuments
and especially rich in architectural treasures.
The Liszt Ferenc Square ,
the Music Academy and the "Pest Broadway"
and the Opera House are all featuring the environment
and the Basilica and the largest evangelic church in Budapest
can be found in a distance of just a few minutes' walk,
with the adjacent National Evangelic Museum.
This area having excellent transport connections
and a unique atmosphere is one of such quarters,
which make Budapest one of the world's most wonderful capitals. "
Next to the Gozsdu udvár
Have always liked the idea of saving the old and mixing it with new
- perhaps this property still needs some repair

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