Wednesday dinner in Crete

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The club of the Venetian nobility in Handakas
always played an important role
in the city's governmental and social life.
The building was two-storied with a rectangular floor plan
and had an open loggia on the main level.
It was designed in 2 different architectural styles:
Doric on the main level and
Ionic on the first floor.
The building was destroyed and re-built 3 times;
Francesco Morosini rebuilt the Loggia in the place
where it survives today,
and added a new building for the storage of arms,
the Armeria,
where the Municipality office is housed today.

Agios Titos
For the dinner chose a place on the same small street as had lunch.
The name of the taverna is as said on the picture:

Raki & sweet orange peels on the house

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